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Keepers Lodge

Set in 5 acres of gardens, Keepers is a bespoke home with a high specification finish, complemented with a contemporary flat roof design. Light and spacious using wooden doors and windows with powder coated aluminium cladding, minimising the need for maintenance and offering superb optical clarity.

The Keepers design embodies the natural lodge whilst maximising energy efficiency through the sensible sourcing of sustainable products. Keepers is a three bedroom, two bathroom home with a large open living space.

The lodge was built for the parents of Nick and Jane. Learn more about our bespoke garden annexes.

We needed a three bedroom annexe building in our garden, but were unable to get planning permission. When Eco Living Spaces explained to us that with one of their buildings this would not be a problem, we were, frankly, amazed.

The entire process went very smoothly; from initial design right through to construction and final delivery.

We were kept informed throughout and at every stage were given the opportunity to alter the design as we saw it take shape.

The finished build is really quite stunning and is constructed to the highest standards, using sustainable materials. The building is so warm – double glazed throughout, with floor, walls and ceiling insulation – that even in the coldest winter we barely need to turn the heating on.

Everyone who sees the Annex is really quite amazed that it is, in fact, a Mobile Home.

In every respect its construction exceeds that of a conventional building. It is a striking and beautiful addition to our garden, a building of which we are proud, and which receives nothing but praise and admiration from our family, friends and neighbours.

Nick Bye and Jane Stonier